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Posted January 9, 2013 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

GALACTIC SUITE SPACERESORT designs and promotes the first space hotel, the orbital segment of the GALACTIC SUITE EXPERIENCE, a mini space station orbiting in low earth orbit (LEO) dedicated to accommodate private passengers, the space tourists, and conceived as a non-permanently occupied shelter for tourists and crew.

And I don’t mean in 100 years. We are talking in the next 10 years.

I think one of the most exciting for me is the Space Hotel.  A 5 night stay in a “hotel” that orbits just about where the ISS floats.

This is just a rundown you can find the details here:

By 2013:  electronic paper; 4G becomes standard; billion pixel telescope

By 2014:1 Terabyte SD mini cards standard; solar powered plane will fly around the world;  $100 DNA sequencing;  power polar icebreakers

By 2016:  mainstream space tourism;  sunscreen pill;  return of the wooly mammoth

By 2017:  portable laser pens that seal wounds

By 2018:  super high data transfer– terabytes per second; insect sized robot spies

By 2019:  average pc has the power of the human brain; web 3.0; energy from a fusion reactor

By 2020:  crash proof cars



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