Bossy “Ice Cubes” tell you when you have been drinking too much

Posted January 16, 2013 by Johnny2x in Science


You sure you need another one? You know how you get. Please don’t make a scene. I want to go home and you said YOU would drive.

Sound familiar ? Really? Maybe you are not meant for each other then.

Anyways here is a story about some “ice cubes” that are smart enough to tell you when you have had enough to drink.

Dhairya Dand created a set of “ice cubes” that track how much you drink and flash red to tell you when you’ve had too much.


Dand, a student with MIT’s Media Lab, created the set of glowing cubes after a particularly nasty experience with alcohol that ended with him blacking out and waking up in the hospital seven hours later. Realizing that many people are just as likely to make the same mistake without some sort of clear warning, he designed the cubes to monitor a person’s alcohol intake and change color from green to red, giving them a visual cue to stop.

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Source: Dhairya Dand

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