The singNshock Alarm Clock – Hit Snooze Get A Shock

Posted January 18, 2013 by Johnny2x in Science

I remember the worst alarm clock I ever owned was a free promo I got when the soft drink “Surge” was launched. What this little beauty did was at the alarm time it would scream out “SURGE SURGE SURGE SURGE SURGE” at the highest volume possible.


I say it was the worst alarm clock I ever owned but also the most effective. I can still hear it clear as day in my head.

This singNshock Alarm Clock is not only pretty but it will shock the shit out of you. Sure it will play your favorite songs. Sure it looks amazing and has a beautiful touch screen display. And you can be damned sure that if you hit the snooze button to shut the clock up in the morning, it will give you an electric shock.

I want one, if Sankalp Sinha is listening out there…send me one. I’ll post more about how wonderful you are.

Here’s the story from

The electrical shock feature can be turned off and the pulse is just a few millivolts, which designer Sankalp Sinha believes is enough to trigger neurological functions without causing any harm. The singNshock is currently only a concept, but Sinha has envisioned a range of six colors and LED lighting for some extra ambiance in the bedroom.

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