Iron Man’s laser gauntlet FOR REAL (Video)

Posted January 21, 2013 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

Some smarty pants went a head and made his own WORKING laser gauntlet. Ok maybe I am just jealous. I think what Patrick Priebe has here is pretty friggin awesome. Maybe he might want to send me one for product testing? I promise not to blow anything up.

German cyber weapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe recently dropped us a line, however, to tell us about his latest homebuilt creation – a working laser gauntlet, just like the one made famous by a certain Iron Man.

The aluminum-bodied device opens up for the user to insert their forearm, then gently clamps onto it using a spring/lever system. An LED display on the side of the gauntlet lights up once it’s locked in place, letting the user know that it’s ready to go … and also to look cool, of course.

Bex Coxworth for

Patrick is making some very cool stuff. Check out his website for more. If you got the scratch he might even make you your own.


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