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Interested in a mining job? Interested in a mining job IN SPACE!? Don’t miss the video below the story as well.

Check out the story from (Source: DSI)

The first DSI spacecraft is the Firefly. According to a company spokesman, it will cost US$20 million to deliver three finished versions into orbit. Based on cubesat and nanosat design, its function is to target candidate asteroids based on value, return times and learning their composition, structure and spin rate.

The next craft is the Dragonfly. It’s job is asteroid capture and retrieval, though only as very small samples for study and processing experiments. The customers for these missions would be researchers and private collectors who’d probably buy a Moon rock if one came on the market.

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Stories like this, considering I am a huge space exploration enthusiast, are very exciting. I can only hope we don’t ruin a good thing with all of the politics involved in big business today. This could be good for the human race on a planetary scale.


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