Tractor Beams ! Finally !!!

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Scientists turn light into a tractor beam

Finally! I mean come on– we have a damn robot on another planet! Why couldn’t we have a tractor beam going? My only concern is when they can make these simple for home use, how lazy will people get?

“Damn the remote is all the way over there…” “Oh wait. That’s right! I have a goddamned tractor beam!”

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In recent years, several ways of imitating the fictional tractor beam have been investigated, including optical vortices, optical tweezers, Bessel beams and optical pipelines. Developed in association with the Institute of Scientific Instruments (ISI) in the Czech Republic, the St. Andrews team claims that its tractor beam is different in that it’s the first time that a light beam has been made to draw objects toward the light source.

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OK friends, get me one for Christmas. You have time to plan and buy so get started!.

The findings of the team were published in Nature Photonics.

Source: University of St. Andrews

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