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Posted February 6, 2013 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

One video lately that has been tearing through the interwebs like something that tears through things and sounds funny when you use it as metaphor is this Kobra Security Commercial.

(Don’t forget to check out part 2 of the Kobra Security video Kobra Kares below this post)

The video was written and directed by the guys over at The Dave and Gary Show, a lovely couple who just happen to have some hilarious Podcast

We here at HowsYourRobot.com have made new friends in Dave and Gary and would like to share with you, let’s say on a weekly basis, their Podcast.

We got the first one in just last night and I can tell you I was still laughing at what I heard on my way in this morning. Sure I looked like the crazy laughing guy on the bus just giggling like a school girl while my fellow passengers hid their children from me.

How could I not?  The idea of a spider with just right legs is funny.

Without further babbling on my part…here is the first Podcast from our new friends & feature:

The Dave and Gary Show


Gary and the spiders (Download)

Kobra Kares

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    Wow these guys are funny!!!

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