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Best Poker Movies

Poker is one of the most popular games in the world. Almost every guy I know and even girls are hooked on this card game. There are actually 40 million people in the world that plays poker regularly based on a research done by Topline Findings. Out of the 40 million poker players, 23 million resides in the United States.

The statistic clearly shows how huge poker is in the United States. The best place to play poker when visiting the country is Las Vegas because of the numerous casinos located in the city including Caesars Palace, which boasts of its 6,000 square-foot tournament room and 24-hour poker action. Online poker is also popular among the young adults because the games are more accessible. Instead of traveling to the casino and paying huge amounts to join the tournaments, players can comfortably play poker right in their own home. There are now many gaming sites that offer various poker games including Partypoker.  This popular gaming hub gives the players the option to use “play money”, which is perfect for beginners. There are also poker-related articles and video tutorials at PartyPoker, which makes it easier for players to learn the game.

The influence of poker has reached the movie industry with many Hollywood producers releasing films that feature this game. If you are planning to do a poker movie marathon, then check out some of these films:



This movie features some of the best actors in the United States with the likes of Matt Damon, Ed Norton and John Malkovich. Rounders tells the story of a law school student (Matt Damon) that turned his back against poker to change his life. His friend (Ed Norton) drags him back to the world of poker and gets him in trouble with the Russian crime boss (John Malkovich). Watch out for the cameo role of professional poker player Johnny Chan in this movie.

The Cincinnati Kid


The main character in this movie is Eric Stoner played by Steve McQueen. This classic 1965 movie is perfect for hardcore poker fans because the story evolves mainly on poker. Eric Stoner moves to New Orleans to prove that he is the greatest poker player. Not only did he challenge the reigning champion at a high-stakes game, but also juggle his time with two southern beauties.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story


If you want to see a legit poker movie, then make sure to watch this bio-film about Stu Ungar. He was the youngest player to win the Main Event at the World Series Poker and the only player to win the Main Event Champion three times. Michael Imperioli did a great job portraying the role of this poker legend.

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