X-Wing Squadron Kickstarter vs Death Star Kickstarter

Posted February 11, 2013 by Johnny2x in Entertainment


Who would you give your money too? The Empire or Rebel Alliance? Comment below.

From Popsci.com:

This Death Star-funding story just became a trilogy. First, the White House shot down a petition to build a Death Star. Then, a team took to Kickstarter to crowdfund a Death Star. Now it’s Return of the Jedi: a team is looking for $11 million to build a fleet of X-Wings, and it’s already got more than $100,000.

From the Kickstarter:

On Feb 5, 2013, www.gnut.co.uk, whom we believe to be a subversive tactics unit of the evil Galactic Empire, launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdsource a Death Star.
At first, we laughed.
When we stopped laughing (because it kind of hurt, how hard we were  laughing) we realized that it was an ingenious plot by the Empire to use the power of the people against us!
We can’t let this new Death Star go unchallenged, so we’re raising funds to form a new Rebel Alliance and construct a fleet of proton torpedo armed X-Wing fighters to take down this new Death Star
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