Guilty Till Proven Innocent – Good Kids Humiliated By Cashier @ Local Supermarket

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At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the self-check out at stores. They are pretty much everywhere now and I kinda like them. You just zip in, grab what you want and check yourself out without having to wait in a long line. So convenient even a kid could use one.

Well yesterday at a local Supermarket in Philadelphia two kids used a self check out and their experience was not enjoyable to say the least.

In America (which I think this still is) we like the saying “Innocent until proven guilty”

Some people do not follow this rule. For some it is “Guilty, because I say so”.

Here is the story of two little girls who were buying cupcakes for their class. They decided to use the self check out. The paid, saw the old familiar “approved” message we are all use to seeing now and took there cupcakes and tried to leave.

What happened next is an example of a problem we have now in this judgmental world.

Feb.14th,2013: Philadelphia, PA. The Earth Day Kids News Network Reports

 Good Kids Humiliated By Cashier @ Local Supermarket

Dia and Lil Ci’Nya of The Earth Day Kids were totally Embarrassed

by a cashier at their favorite super market.

Diamonds (Dia) Account”

Dia accompanied Lil Ci’Nya to help her purchase Cup Cakes for her entire class for Valentine’s Day. They selected their purchase and proceeded to self check-out.

They scanned their items totaled up and was prompted to pay. Dia swiped the card entered the Pin and the amount was approved and a receipt was issued. Dia and Lil Ci’Nya proceeded to exit the store, when the cashier called them back.

The cashier accused them of trying to steal in front of all the people in the market. Dia told the cashier the screen said “approved” my purchase.The cashier continued to humiliate the children and demanded payment.

So a frightened Dia used her money she was saving for her next payment on the keyboard she dreamed to have to pay for the cupcakes again.

The kids left the supermarket where their grandmoms were waiting at the entrance.

Dia: “I was so embarrassed and later that night, my cousin Lil Ci’Nya was scared to death to tell her mom.”


The Grandmoms were horrified to here what had happened to the children. They went inside to report this incident to customer service.

The costumer service rep. was very understanding, looked over the receipts saw the children had paid twice and refunded the children’s grand mom promptly….

saw the children had paid twice and refunded the children’s money


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