Beercade Machine Rewards Winners with FREE BEER

Posted February 18, 2013 by Johnny2x in Entertainment


From the poke in the ribs name “The Last Barfighter” to the fact that if you win you get a a icy cold beer from a built in tap, this game has it all.

I stand firmly behind the idea of games that give you beer for winning. I say one for each household!

The first person to win two matches gets a sample of beer automatically dispensed from their tap. has the details:

The beer-dispensing arcade machine was built entirely in-house  as a better way to grab people’s attention than just using bartenders or beer spokespeople.

The Beercade works like any other arcade fighting game, except the standard coin slots have been replaced with a pair of spigots, drip trays, and motion sensors. Players set their cups down to start the game and then choose from five characters, each based on a signature brew: Hell’s Belle, Bad Penny, Angry Angel, Blanco Diablo and High Roller.

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Source: Big Boss BrewingMcKinney,

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