PUMA launches biodegradable InCycle collection

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PUMA’s new InCycle collection looks cool and you won’t feel like a monster for wearing these clothes. When you are done wearing them you can just take them off and throw them in the street. They will biodegrade.

Don’t really do that, what are you an animal? Look at those sneaks up there, pretty fuckin’ awesome if you ask me.


Check out this story at Gizmag.com:

The biodegradable components of the InCycle line include materials that can be broken down by microorganisms into biological nutrients. One of the prerequisites for the range, which is rated Basic under the Cradle to Cradle certification standard, is that the raw materials are organic fibers without toxic materials and follow certain international standards for composting to minimize their environmental impact. The recyclable products, in turn, are made with metals, textiles and plastic than can be reused to make other products. – read more

The InCycle collection will hit PUMA stores worldwide this month, coinciding with the launch of the Bring me Back program. Carried out in conjunction with global recycling company I:CO, the program will facilitate composting or recycling of the products through the use of in-store recycling bins. Customers can also bring back products from other brands.

Source: PUMA

Among the biodegradable InCycle products are the fully compostable Basket Tee and the Basket lifestyle sneaker


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