HERB the Robot Butler (Video)

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Wonderful. Let’s give them knives and teach them how to separate Oreos for fat rich people.

Don’t come crying to me when your robot butler separates you to get at your creamy insides.

From gizmag.com:

HERB – the Home Exploring Robotic Butler – is one of dozens of robots to come out of CMU’s Personal Robotics lab, and its latest trick is separating Oreo cookies in a response to Nabisco’s Cookie vs. Creme challenge.

The problem with these butler robots is they are quite limited in what they can actually do, and are still far too expensive to be practical for the masses. Late last year, however, Toyota unveiled what they call a Human Support Robot that seems promising – but which would have to be heavily subsidized by insurance companies to be rolled out in any significant capacity.

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Source: Oreo via IEEE Spectrum

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