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“Professor Pooch”
David J. Spangenberg
Music Business Career Guidance
Educator/Author, Consultant, Mediator
Music Legal & Contract Specialist

The trouble with breaking into the music business today besides the fact that everyone you know also wants to break in is how easy some people make it look. You hear stories of this artist who was just accidentally “discovered” and the next thing you know they are judging talent on American Idol.

It doesn’t work that way. In an ever evolving business you need guidance.

Professor Pooch prepares  courses to show the complete picture of the Music Business. They are given in an uplifting as well as educational fashion, but most importantly, are “spoken” in plain, simple, easy-to-understand “People Talk”. And, You can learn at your own pace…

I worked in the business for a long time and I have seen my share of talented artist who just didn’t get far because they get swallowed up by the sometimes scary business of music. They were unprepared for the truth and the trouble in the details.

If you have any plans to make it in music today then trust Professor Pooch to steer you the right way. To put it very simply, Professor Pooch knows his shit!

“Music Business Complete™” [An All-In-One Music Business Career Education]: Everything Listed On This Page! Thousands of dollars less than a College Education. 

“The Music Biz” Book:  An informative and uplifting book, updated for 2013, written in Easy-to-Read and Understand, simple People-talk – 300 pages stuffed with useful info! T

Artist Development & Management: Artist Development – step by step. How to recognize and/or become a Great, Successful, Artist and/or Artist’s Personal Manager- from both viewpoints. Includes Contract, and how to negotiate it.


Songwriters & Music Publishing: How to recognize and become a successful Songwriter and/or Music Publishing Company – from both viewpoints. Includes Contract, and how to negotiate it.


Producing, Production Companies & Indie Labels: This course introduces you to both the Creative & Business side of Producing. Everything you need to know to become both a successful Producer or to Start a Successful Production or Indy Record Company. Complete 6 Week Course, in outline form.


Music Business Contract Law – Basics: This Mini-Course is an invaluable tool that will help you throughout your career to understand most Music Business as well as other types of Entertainment-related contracts. Included are, what to look out for in a contract that can hurt you – and what’s been left out of a contract that can help you – if written and inserted correctly! This little course will save you tons of money and aggravation.


Music Business Contract Law: [In Person, Only] Contains the above Contract Basics Mini Course, plus much more: We go line by line and discuss different types of important contracts.


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