Telepathy Communication Between Rats Achieved

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Brain-to-Brain communication between rats achieved

Rats have all the fun. They are part of amazing experiments all the time. Now we have managed to make them telepathic. I am sure PETA would disagree with me there. I guess in their defense rats are a part of some pretty harsh experiments as well but now we can make them telepathic. That’s just cool.

Of course there is a catch. What it is defined as is Technological Telepathy. They are achieving communication between the rats using wiring together of sensory areas in the brains of two rats. has the story:

Although true telepathy still appears to be pseudoscience, futurists have long predicted that some form of technologically-based telepathy would eventually emerge … and, it would appear, it has.

Researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina in the U.S. report in the February 28, 2013 issue of Scientific Reports the successful wiring together of sensory areas in the brains of two rats. The result of the experiment is that one rat will respond to the experiences to which the other is exposed.

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Source: Duke University and Miguel Nicolilis

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    As for this experiment is a negative comments also: F.e. here

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