EU-Backed ‘Electric Sail’ Could Get You To Pluto in 5 Years

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We got the lower orbit travel down now. We eve have been to the moon a few time and will be back soon. We have a few robots on Mars and so the logical next step is getting me on another planet. Well me or a highly trained professional. I don;t think my wife would let me go anyway.

Getting there as fast as possible is the next mission. We can do that the same way our planets first explores used…sails.

Just we can harness the power of solar winds to carry use though our solar system and beyond and we have some plans.


I say we because I am the head smart guy on these projects. What? You don’t think I could do it?

Eh you’re probably right. I will just stay here on earth and fill you in on all that is happening.

Here is the story on the guys that can do it.


The European Space Agency Has Made A Snap-Proof Super-Thin Space Tether


Electric solar sails use long metal tethers that conduct electricity and interact with solar wind ions and propel a spacecraft. Invented in 2006, the technology could allow us to sail through space cheaper and faster than ever before: One day, the European Union’s ESAIL project could take us to Pluto in as little as five years.

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EU-Backed ‘Electric Sail’ Could Be the Fastest Man-Made Device Ever Built

IKAROS would do well to watch its back, for the Japanese solar-sailing spacecraft may just have some competition that’s fast enough to catch up. The EU is funding a three-year project at the Finnish Meteorological Institute to build the fastest man-made device in the universe: an electric sail, or ESAIL, that researchers say could make Pluto in just five years’ time.

Like the more well-known solar sail, the ESAIL is propelled by solar radiation and therefore requires no chemical or ion propellant. But rather than actually unfurling a huge membranous sail to catch photons from the sun to provide thrust, the ESAIL repels protons.

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