Kobe Bryant makes more money than you – Info Graphic

Posted April 9, 2013 by Johnny2x in Sports

Sixty Seconds Of Salary: Bård Edlund/CNNMoney

Unless of course you are one of the other highly paid athletes out there and you are visiting our page. If that’s the case then…

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Anyway, where was I…oh right! You don’t make very much money unless you do then you do. Wait…what?

Today we find some interesting info graphics at Popsci.com showing how much some people make in a minute compared to a minimum wage worker.

What we learn is that the average doctor saving lives makes about 68 cents a minute. The person teaching your children about the world and having a huge impact on their lives gets around 21 cents a minute. Kobe who throws a ball through a hoop for your enjoyment makes $81 a minute. Too bad he can’t perform heart surgery.


CNNMoney has published an awesome visualization by artist Bård Edlund showing how much various people make in one minute. On the chart (and quickly moving past it) are Kobe Bryant and Exxon Mobil Corporation CEO Rex Tillerson. Also included are median and minimum wage workers, President Obama, the average teacher, and the average doctor.

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