Depressed? Get a Deep Tissue Brain Massage!

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This one does NOT come with a happy ending. We find this story at They are always looking out for our health and well being!

Apparently scientists have used Deep Brain Stimulation to successfully treat patients suffering from severe depression. Using a pacemaker-like device they activate select regions of the brain via implanted electrodes and can treat various mental illnesses.


Check it out:

Deep Brain Stimulation shows promise as treatment for depression

Deep Brain Stimulation, in which a pacemaker-like device activates select regions of the brain via implanted electrodes, has been used to help people suffering from a variety of neurological problems. Just in the past few years, studies have explored its use for treating anorexiaAlzheimer’s, andmemory disorders. Now, perhaps not surprisingly, scientists from Germany’s Bonn University Hospital have found that it also appears to do wonders for acute depression.

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A paper on the Bonn research, which was led by Prof. Volker Arnd Coenen and Prof. Thomas E. Schläpfer, was recently published in the journal Biological Psychiatry.

Source: Bonn University

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