Let Me Get This Straight…You Want Me To Play Video Games?

Posted April 24, 2013 by Johnny2x in The Daily

If you flip on the news or read a newspaper, chances are good that you will quickly be bombarded with images and commentary showcasing how the youth of America is spending way too much time in front of the television, most likely playing video games. While playing video games should be moderated, the simple fact remains that they have become a staple in our culture. Furthermore, placing restrictions on gaming can only further increase the desire to play them.

Did you know though, that video gaming boasts several significant health benefits? That’s right! Everything from online games at http://www.partybingo.com to gaming superstars such as Call of Duty can bring with them a clean bill of health, to put it crudely. While this may be a controversial topic spanning a wide spectrum of studies, below are three distinct health advantages associated with video gaming.



We have all heard (probably too much) that America is getting fat; obese to be more precise. A lot of the blame for the country’s weight issues is put on junk food, but there is a considerable amount of blame being placed upon a sedimentary lifestyle in front of the television.

Playmakers in the gaming industry are actually forging the way for video games and fitness to be synonymous with each other, instead of being complete strangers. One of the biggest contenders in the realm of video gaming and fitness lies in Nintendo’s superstar console, the Wii Fit. Also in the running is the Kinect, a motion-sensing piece of technology associated with Xbox.

These consoles work in conjunction with a player’s movements. For instance, if you were playing a tennis-oriented game on the Wii Fit, you would swing the controller as if you were swinging a tennis racquet. The actions on the game should coincide with your actual movements.

This type of technology is showing up in households across the globe, allowing everyone from the bored housewife, to the lazy teenager to get a physical workout while having fun at the same time. Even senior homes are taking advantage of the technology as it presents a perfect, low-impact opportunity for senior citizens to get some exercise.


Morale Boost

Of course, with all the positive benefits you might experience from using the Wii Fit, Xbox Kinect, and other similar setups, you should no doubt encounter a substantial boost in self-esteem; especially if you manage to shed a few pounds in doing so.

There are, however, other mental benefits associated with video games. For instance, role-playing and online games are great for socializing with peers, colleagues, and even complete strangers. I can almost bet that you know somebody who has a WOW (World-Of-Warcraft) account, which is an online game that allows users from around the world to create their own mystical avatars, embark on raids and guilds, and basically enjoy an all-out adventure.

Other games, such as Call of Duty, pits players against one another as soldiers in some type of combat situation, usually relevant to historical wars such as World War I. These games, along with others, allow users to interact with one another in order to accomplish whatever task or mission that might be at hand.

Therefore, when all is said and done, players have unknowingly created a positive psychological environment that induces social interaction. Sure, going outside and playing with friend does just the same thing, but this is a good alternative for those rainy days when you are confined indoors.



Believe it or not, video games play a major role in folks in need of rehabilitation. Many rehabilitation specialists are finding that video games can benefit kids suffering from cerebral palsy, a physical disability that usually involves the functionality of brain and nervous systems.

As mentioned above, the Wii Fit system encourages players to get up and move, which is sometimes difficult for kids with cerebral palsy who face a higher risk of developing diabetes and disorders in the musculoskeletal system. Boosting the benefits even further is the fact that the cost of an interactive gaming system, such as the Wii Fit, is probably substantially less than repeated physical therapy sessions.

Athletes who have encountered injuries while playing sports are also taking advantage of the rehabilitation qualities of video games. A lot of contemporary gaming systems involve actions that mimic those used in sports, providing a sort of physical therapy for some of the more common sports injuries.

Stroke victims are also benefiting from video games due to the fact that most gaming involves the arms and hands, which are two limbs that are affected detrimentally in a stroke. Stroke patients are finding that they have improved functionality in their arms as well as a stronger grip.

Keep in mind though, that while video games do provide positive health benefits, you should not make the mistake of replacing your real doctor with them. Instead, video games are best used as a supplement to professional treatment. It is almost as if you are taking the treatment from the hospital and continuing it at home.

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