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Another extremely cool project found at Kickstarter. These little guys are considered  a “social robot companion” and were originally used at the Tribeca Film Festival to get visitors to open up and chat about things that they wouldn’t say to a human being.

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The most obvious feature of the BlabDroid is that it’s made out of cardboard, though the working bits are based on the Arduino platform. The original BlabDroid used at Tribeca had wheels and a camera, but the “starter” BlabDroid, which will be the first offered for sale, will lack these and only have buttons for sensors. However, users can install their own cameras and the developers hope that camera manufacturers will offer hardware support. Later versions may have other functions depending on available technology and cost.


The developers feel that where BlabDroid’s real strength is in its customizability. It can pair with a smartphone using Bluetooth and is said to be compatible with a range of apps, such as Siri and Spotify, so it can potentially act as everything from an alarm clock to a navigator to a personal assistant. The platform is also intended to be very hackable, so users can either download apps and “questionpacks” or make and share their own to “help you explore your own thoughts about current life.”

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The video below shows BlabDroid in development.

Source: Kickstarter

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