NASA lets us watch the Voyager spacecraft as it leaves our solar system

Posted April 26, 2013 by Johnny2x in Science

Click the image to head over to NASA’s new site that lets you track Voyager’s progress

So space exploration is awesome. What’s even more with the awesomeness is how interactive we can be with NASA missions. Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 are deep-space probes launched in 1977 by NASA to study the outer planets and the frontiers of the Solar System and now NASA is giving us a way to track their progress as they get ready to leave our solar system.


They have traveled past the planets  sending back some of the greatest images we will ever see. Now they are approaching the edge of our solar system and using a very cool browser provided by NASA you can keep track of them.

Just in case our little explorers bump into some giant mother-ship of an alien civilization OR crash into another planet killing what would have been our little aliens friends, we attached a greeting to them so the little green guys know who we are.


It looks like they included some “sounds of earth”. I just hope they remembered to include Kenny G, that dude was smooooth.

It takes the signal a long long time to get back to us. How big is our solar system? Well to be very technical…pretty big.


The readout on the Voyager mission home page shows the ACR and GCR (also called Inside Particles and Outside Particles, respectively) and is updated every six hours. When a Voyager probe moves into the magnetic highway, the relative sizes of the bars reverse, as has happened with Voyager 1’s. However, the readout doesn’t track the magnetic field direction because this is a more complex phenomenon that will require analysis before a determination can be made.

In addition to the home page, the readout is also available as a module on NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System tool. This game-like browser app allows visitors to tour the Solar System in a virtual environment as well as ride along with the Voyager 1 probe on its historic journey.

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Source: NASA

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