How Your Brain Knows Where you Are (Video)

Posted May 6, 2013 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

If you got 9 minutes and the will to learn something then you are in luck my friends.

I like TED-Ed. I wish TED-Ed was around when I was in school. Then I wouldn’t have had an old nun with no formal training teaching me “science”.

ME: “Sister, how do our brains know where we are and remember where we have been?”

SISTER So and So: “Well…God does not your brain”

ME: “Thanks?”

Here is how it really works:

How do you remember where you parked your car? How do you know if you’re moving in the right direction? Neuroscientist Neil Burgess studies the neural mechanisms that map the space around us, and how they link to memory and imagination.


At University College in London, Neil Burgess researches how patterns of electrical activity in brain cells guide us through space. Full bio »

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