The Brightest Explosion Ever Recorded!

Posted May 13, 2013 by Johnny2x in Space
Gamma-ray Burst (Artist's Conception) Wikimedia Commons

Gamma-ray Burst (Artist’s Conception) Wikimedia Commons

NASA Scientists Observe The Brightest Explosion Ever

Where can an explosion be 35 billion times brighter than visible light?

In space of course. NASA scientist recently observed an explosion about 3.6 billion light-years away. It was observed by Fermi’s Gamma-ray Burst Monitor. It was also seen by just about any observation unit on the ground that was pointed anywhere near the constellation Leo.

I love this stuff! Especially when you hear about science you can;t even wrap your head around. How do you imagine something 35 billion times brighter then visible light?

You can’t…

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The explosion was a gamma-ray burst, or GRB, a type of event that’s the brightest we know about in the universe. During a supernova, in which a massive star collapses into a black hole, neutron star, or quark star, sometimes a GRB is emitted. Nobody’s exactly sure how GRBs happen, but they’re observed during a supernova and consist of a tightly focused, narrow beam of radiation, moving at speeds about as close as you can get to the speed of light without exceeding it. Imagine compressing a weird space-apple from all sides until a jet of space-apple juice explodes out of a tiny point before the apple turns into a black apple hole. (This is not a perfect analogy.)

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