$478,947,711,160 to Build the Starship Enterprise

Posted May 18, 2013 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

How Much Would It Cost to Build the Starship Enterprise?


Sounds like a lo right? It is only around 12% of 2013’s US defense budget so it is actually doable if only we could stop blowing shit up for a bit.

Gizmodo.com has the full details in what is quite possibly the most accurate and deeply researched article into this subject I have ever read. The point I really want to make and I think that might have been what the original author was going for is…this is something we could actually do if we all got together and stopped going to war over religious beliefs.

Head over there for the full story.

Raw Materials: $12,400,000,000

Construction cost (ex-labor): $456,000,000,000

Running Total: $468,400,000,000

Total Replicator Cost: $307,160

Running Total: $468,400,307,160

Holodeck cost: $6,504,000

Running Total: $468,406,811,160

Photon Torpedo Cost: $6,076,200,000

Running Total: $474,483,011,160

Phaser Bank Cost: $171,600,000

Running Total: $474,654,611,160

Personnel and supply cost: $4,293,100,000

Running Total: $478,947,711,160

More recently, there’s also been discussion of an impulse drive that could actually run on something stunningly like dilithium crystals: deuterium (a stable isotope of hydrogen) and Li6 (a stable isotope of lithium). This engine doesn’t exist yet though. And it’d likely require some very delicate orbital-construction that we can’t really hack yet.

That being said, we’re going to have to call it quits here, with our weaponized, Enterprise-shaped space-station, which is pretty damn cool in its own right.


Grand Total: $478,947,711,160

(Or: 12.59 percent of 2013 US Defense expenditure total budget)

Read More at Gizmodo.com



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