Data Transmission Speed of 2.56 Tb/s Achieved

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Remember waiting about 20 mins to download your favorite songs on  napster uh I mean after you buy them online. I have heard of exponential growth but this is ridiculous. A team of multi-national team led by the University of Southern California have found a way to top old speeds by 85,000 times.

They found a way to transmit 2.56 Tb/s

How did they do it? They did it by using twisted light waves. I am sure we still have a bit of a wait before we are seeing these speeds in our own home networks but the technology is out there.

God I have such a nerd boner right now…

The system developed by the multi-national team led by the University of Southern California (USC) involved transmitting data twisted beams of light at ultra-high speeds. Using beam-twisted “phase holograms,” they manipulated eight beams of light so that each one twisted in a DNA-like helical shape as it propagated in free space. With each beam having its own twist that can be encoded with “1” and “0” data bits, they formed eight independent data streams.

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