Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor – I Got Questions!

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I recently became a big fan of Doctor Who. This past Saturday there was a bit of a season finale or mid season finale or something like that. Den of Geek has the same questions I had about it. They have some answers too.

There are spoilers so don’t bother if you still have to see it.

Check it out over there.

Here are some of the questions….

1- Who is John Hurt?

2- So, the obvious first. John Hurt is The Doctor. But which one? Is he The Valeyard?

3- Is he a Doctor we didn’t know about?

4- Was Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor an imposter?


5- Does the casting of the 50th anniversary special offer a clue?

Well, yes and no. We know that David Tennant’s tenth (we think) Doctor is back, but also Rose Tyler too. That suggests that Matt Smith’s eleventh (we think) Doctor will catch up with him at a certain point in his timeline (there’s a reason, presumably, why it’s Rose and not Donna or Martha who are back). Which version of Tennant’s Doctor we’re going to get is presumably up for debate too, but we’d wage it’s the non-human one.

So: we have Doctor 10 and Doctor 11 that we know of, along with John Hurt’s Doctor too, and UNIT. Other casting news is being kept under wraps (don’t forget that most of the episode is being shot on closed sets in Cardiff). There are some spoiler-y rumors  which it doesn’t seem fair to go into in detail here (this is about the episodes we’ve seen, rather than the ones we haven’t), that may too suggest things are being shaken to the core somewhat.

Thus, predictably, we know the ingredients of the 50th anniversary special are substantive, but we’ve no idea – nor should we – on how they blend together.

It’s not just Doctor theories that were left over by The Name Of The Doctor either…
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