Space Diver – Sky Dive from Space in Fashion

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How do you want to look when you are sky diving from space?

Like a jerk?

No way you want to look like Iron Man.


Space diving – extreme sport of the future (Photo: has the story:

Science fiction may well become reality with the development of a real life Iron Man suit that would allow astronauts or extreme thrill seekers to space dive from up to 62 miles (100 km) above the Earth‘s surface at the very edge of space, and safely land using thruster boots instead of a parachute. Hi-tech inventors over at Solar System Express (Sol-X) and biotech designers Juxtopia LLC (JLLC) are collaborating on this project with a goal of releasing a production model of such a suit by 2016. The project will use a commercial space suit to which will be added augmented reality (AR) goggles, jet packs, power gloves and movement gyros.

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Space Diver – Edge of Space from Human Synergy Project on Vimeo.

“The Universe – Edge of Space” by History Channel.

Inspired by Joe Kittinger who in 1960 leapt from a balloon 30km high, this is a glimpse of the great new sport we’ll be seeing in a few years.


Mock up HUD display of the hi-tech augmented reality goggles (Photo: Blaze Sanders/Juxtopia)

Source: Solar System Express

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