If you get a FB message, The lights in your kitchen turn RED?

Posted June 11, 2013 by robg in Science


So did you ever want to be walking into your house, as you get close to your front door your lights just go on? Well its here today and its called HUE from Phillips, You can geo-fence yourself in a specific radius of your home.  Your lights will turn on! You can also set triggers through out the day if you get notices online! Turn lights red, if you get a new email? This is awesome ! I love this and will be buying the lights soon! There are tons of features there are some below! Worth checking out!




Phillips Hue Website 


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  1. Gary Thomas

    Why would you want this?

  2. Hows Your Robot?

    Its connected via wifi bridge, you can geofence your lights on before you even get into your house, change the mood of your lights, dims, colors, If you dont want to be around your phone all day everyday, but waiting for an email, you can get notified via your lights blinking! Its dope!

  3. Gary Thomas

    Wow! Hows Your Robot? Is the go to site for all things awesome! Thank you robot! You’re the best

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