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The advent of internet video streaming site YouTube has created some stars such as alternative rock band OK GO, who have used the music video format to push their band to further heights through some incredibly clever videos featuring the world’s most elaborate game of mousetrap or a stop motion over 24 hour film in a park where they are harassed by a local celebrity goose, perhaps the star of the eccentric bands videos.

But before the DIY visuals that lend themselves to this bands video style, it was common to have a celebrity appearing in your video. The Paul Simon Song ‘You Can Call Me Al’ featured Chevy Chase dad dancing. Chase is more recently known for his role as Pierce Hawthorne in cult TV show Community.

Following on from his stay in rehab, Iron man and Sherlock Holmes star Robert Downey junior starred in Elton John’s I Want Love, miming to the words to the song about a fallen man, desperately looking for love.

Another band who feature stars in their music videos on a regular basis is Aerosmith. Obviously the lead singers daughter Liv Tyler has made an appearance in the video for ‘Crazy’, but Aerosmith has also featured Clueless star Alicia Silverstone in the videos for ‘Cryin’’ and ‘Amazing’. Later videos star actors such as Seann William Scott of American Pie fame, as well as Eva Mendes.

Jamie Foxx’s video Blame It On The Alcohol features a cacophony of stars, with the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Ron Howard, Forest Whitaker, and Jake Gyllenhaal. This video must have cost a small fortune, the amount you could get if you won big at a game of poker or on the australian online casino, Intertops. The video features Ron Howard is gettin’ crunk all up in this here club. It’s worth watching just for that wonderful scene.

Another film with lots of celebrities is Remember the Time by Michael Jackson. This nine minute epic features so many celebrities it’s more like Jackson is the cameo than they are.

Bruce Springsteen in his video for Dancing in the Dark pulls a very young looking Courteney Cox out of the crowd to join him on stage to dance. Cox later went on to star in long running American comedy Friends, which goes to show, perhaps being in a music video is the cause of celebrity, not the effect.

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