The Beck’s Edison Bottle – Playing Music With a Beer Bottle

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The Beck’s Edison Bottle – Playing Music with a Beer Bottle

Auckland band Ghost Wave’s new single was inscribed into the surface of a Beck’s beer bottle which could then be played on a specially-built device based on Thomas Edison’s original cylindrical phonograph.


The Beck’s Edison Bottle from Shine Limited on Vimeo.

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The Edison bottle was publicly unveiled in May at the Semi-Permanent design conference in Auckland, New Zealand. Except for a few pops and crackles, which is typical even on old vinyl records, the final sound quality came out quite well – certainly much better than other homemade recordswe’ve seen recently. Unfortunately, this appears to be just a one-off product, so you won’t be able to convert your recyclables into a music collection anytime soon.

Check out the videos below to hear the completed Edison bottle and watch how it was created.

Source: Shine Ltd.Beck’s NZ

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