The world’s first flying waiter (Video)

Posted June 14, 2013 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

flying waiter


The world’s first flying tray to deliver the YO! Burger to YO! Sushi lovers

This will be great! Until it takes out someones eye. It actually looks very unstable it’s kind of hilarious. I can imagine being nervous reaching for your plate and worried about getting your fingers hit by the propellers.

If this is only a gimmick then great, go for it. If this is for real….someone is going to lose A LOT of money

Source: YOSushiVids

Our iTray is currently on trial at YO! Sushi Soho – but we wanted to give you a chance to win a mini one of your own:

Famed for being the first Sushi chain in the UK to deliver food to customers on a conveyor belt, we have now gone one-step further with the introduction of the world’s first flying tray to deliver the YO! Burger to YO! Sushi lovers.

The gadget is made from a light-weight carbon fiber frame and consists of four propellers making it incredibly nippy. Two built-in HD cameras allow YO! Sushi kitchen staff to check that the new burger range is delivered through a real time video broadcast view-able on an iPad screen.


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