A Planet that is 1,000 degrees Celsius on its surface and it rains glass. Sideways.

Posted July 10, 2013 by Johnny2x in Space
Illustration of HD 189733b NASA, ESA, M. Kornmesser

Illustration of HD 189733b NASA, ESA, M. Kornmesser

I assume we can count this one out as hospitable. It is about 1000 degrees Celsius on the surface and it rains what is basically glass at aboutĀ 4,000 mph.

UsingĀ data from the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have been able to determine the true color of this far away planet.

It’s blue. From a distance it can even possibly look like earth. You would NOT want to stand on it’s surface however.

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In general, HD 189773b has been well studied by Hubble and other telescopes because it’s relatively close to Earth, 63 light-years away.

The blue color is thought to come from silicate particles in the planet’s atmosphere, which scatter blue light. Because of the planet’s surface temperature, the particles could condense to form glass. These glass grains would then fly around in the planet’s 4,000 mph (7,000 kilometers per hour) wind. Ouch.

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