Firing Giant Science Bullets At Jupiter’s Moon Europa (Video)

Posted July 17, 2013 by Johnny2x in Science


Astronomers want to fire giant bullets that could collect scientific data from deep inside Europa’s icy surface. Hey let’s hope there aren’t some aliens that could have been friends somewhere on there because we are about to test our relationship.

Don’t worry they are not calling them science bullets. They are going with a less hilarious name of “The penetrator” …..Nice!

Here is some actual useful info from

Scientists at University College London have designed a 44-pound bullet that could gather scientific information on Jupiter’s moon Europa. Last week, a prototype of the bullet slammed through a 10-tonne block of ice, an important test for a future mission to the icy moon. Now, the European Space Agency has decided to throw its weight behind the odd project.

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Check out this video of the testing for these science bullets or as they like to call them…Penetrators!

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