HPN News is Full of Shit

Posted August 9, 2013 by Johnny2x in Entertainment


HPN News is Full of Shit!!

Talk about irresponsible reporting. If you get your news from these guys then you might as well just accept that you now have ear cancer, or at least ear herpes.

Of their last 5 “news” reports we have discovered through our own research that at least 1 of these stories is not true.

The only redeeming social value this site has is that it has the funniest podcast ever recorded associated with it.

Listen to the podcast, if you read their stories you will be labeled and asshole by your family.

Here are some of the stories that might just not be true:

Reparations Is the White Thing

McDonald’s Has Hidden Pink Slime Lake!

Fairies wear boots!

Humans and Dinosaurs Lived together




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