Elon Musk’s Hyperloop? More Like Hyperpoop!

Posted August 13, 2013 by Johnny2x in Science

Actually it is pretty awesome I just really wanted to say that. Although there is something to that joke considering it would be a tightly packed tube shooting passengers at high speeds to their destinations.

Kinda like taco night!

I don’t see this being very popular with claustrophobic people considering the initial design. This Hyperloop could get you from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes traveling around 700mph.


Because when you gotta get to San Fran you  gotta get there fast!


Musk told Bloomberg Business Week:

The pods will ride on air bearings. The pod produces air, and it’s pumped out of little holes on these skis. This is something that is used quite a bit in industry. You can move huge, heavy objects with very low friction, using air bearings. In the consumer sense, people would be familiar with air hockey tables, except in this case the air bearings are being generated by the pod itself, as opposed to the tube.
You don’t want the tube to be expensive. Because the tube is so long, you want the expensive stuff to be in the pod.
Check out some details from Popsci.com:
  • The system would work for places about 900 miles apart or less–any more and supersonic air travel, Musk argues, would be a cheaper solution.
  • Musk specifically uses a L.A.-to-San Francisco route as the proposed system. The Hyperloop would more or less follow along the I-5.
  • In Musk’s plan, the Hyperloop could carry 840 passengers per hour, with 70 pods leaving every 30 seconds
  • “[F]or trip comfort and safety, it would be best to travel at high subsonic speeds for a 350 mile journey.” Uhh, yes, seems like “high subsonic” (700-plus mph) would be sufficient.
  • Hard to say what construction would be like for this. Presumably, Musk would have to fork over a lot of money to secure building rights along the I-5, which is dominated by farmland. Musk told Business Week that, because the rail system would be elevated, there would be fewer land-rights issues. But that’s not going to solve everything, and could considerably increase the price tag.
  • About every 70 miles, an electric motor would provide a boost to the individual pods, shooting them farther along the track. The same system could slow down the pods as they approach their destination, and the energy taken from that could be rerouted to power the next batch of pods.

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