Science! – TomTato plant grows both tomatoes and potatoes

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What!? Now I have seen everything. Well not everything, we haven’t seen some diseases cured because that I guess is too hard to do BUT making a plant grow tomatoes AND potatoes at the same time…..EASY!


Created by UK horticulture company Thompson and Morgan, the TomTato is not the result of genetic engineering. It’s “simply” the top of a cherry tomato plant and the bottom of a white potato plant, that have been grafted together at the stem.

While it’s been possible to create such hybrids for a long time, the taste of the resulting tomatoes has apparently left much to be desired. According to the company, however, the TomTato’s fruits have a Brix (sugar content) level higher than that of most supermarket tomatoes, along with “just the right level of acidity that only the tastiest tomatoes have.” The potatoes are said to be fine for boiling, mashing or roasting.

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f you’re interested in getting a TomTato of your own, and you live in the UK, you can order one now for £14.99 (US$24). Delivery is scheduled for the end of next May.

Source: Thompson and Morgan via BBC

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