The Vertu Ti is a $10,000 smartphone

Posted December 18, 2013 by Johnny2x in Science

Head over to for the rest of this list. It’s a pretty cool list of some even cooler shit you can’t afford. Or maybe you can If you can send some money my way!

Top 10 things you CAN’T have for Christmas 2013

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A $10,000 smartphone

Competitive pricing may be one of the factors driving the growth of smartphones running on the Android OS, but like every rule, there are exceptions. The Vertu Ti is one very big exception. Running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Ti features one-touch access to a live personal assistant, a polished titanium case with leather accents, a 3.7-inch sapphire crystal screen, a 1.7 GHz processor and a somewhat underwhelming 8 MP rear camera (though it does sport a twin LED flash). All for just €7,900 or about US$10,500.

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