Holiday Podcast + Super Fantastic Give Away Contest That You Can Win

Posted December 21, 2013 by Johnny2x in Entertainment


What lucky lucky lucky people you are. Not only do you get a super special Holiday Episode of the podcast including an interview with a kid who has been very very naughty but….


Well not shit but some awesome DVDs or Blue-Rays. What we got if some exclusive copies of an extremely funny movie.


Dick Figures the movie! If you recall we interviewed the creators of this extremely popular youtube series. Even if you haven’t heard of it you will enjoy it. Trust us, have we ever steered you wrong before?

DON’T ANSWER THAT! Shhhhhhh shut your pretty little mouth and take some free shit from us. We have 4 DVDs and 2 Blue Rays to give away. That’s 6 chances to win!

But wait! How can you get a prize? You have to earn it. Gary and John need hand jobs  shares for this website.

Shares for their website and facebook page. What each contestant needs to do is share our website (or facebook page) through your favorite social media website. Sharing on multiple social media sites would be even better. Santa Clause is watching so we will know if you shared or not. When you share it wouldn’t hurt to mention how we are comic geniuses who can make you laugh so hard your assholes might fall off.

After sharing we need to make sure you have done your home work. You need to answer these 3 trivia questions based on this, our latest podcast episode.

Use the handy dandy player on the upper right to hear the episode.

You have to submit your answers to the trivia questions to our email (here) DO NOT comment with your answers!

Commenting your answers would only prove you do not know how to follow instructions and that our listeners are dummies.

OK so here we go, go share the link ( then answer these questions 3:

#1 What flavor of smoothy is Gary drinking on this podcast? Bonus points for what flavor John suggest it is.

#2 What type of room did Gary call a teacher a bitch in?

#3 Gary asks our guest what type of pills he was taking. What was the guest response?

Ok so there are your questions. Go share the website ( You can also share the Facbook Page. The email us your answers here.

Winners will be announced in January. Winners will be based on a random selection of people who shared us and also answered the trivia questions correctly.

As a special bonus John took every DVD and Blue Ray next to his Christmas Tree and licked them. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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