InAiR TV Interface Floats Icons in Front of Your TV (Video)

Posted January 6, 2014 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

The future has arrived. This is some next level shit that will give your a ragging nerd boner.

Once InAiR is fired up, it overlays multiple translucent layers of internet content on the TV picture, as desired by the user.



Are you one of those people who keep your TV and computer on at the same time, simultaneously watching the one while looking things up on the other? If so, you might like SeeSpace’s new InAiR Augmented TV system. In the case of a regular 2D television, it superimposes layered internet content over top of the existing picture, allowing you to view both at once. And if you’ve got a 3D TV, those layers appear to be floating in the space between you and the screen, zooming towards or away from you as selected.

Instead of having to use a mouse or keyboard to navigate that content, users instead use simple swipe and scroll commands on their Android or iOS mobile device, using its screen as a track pad. Gesture control is also possible via a Kinect or Leap device. According to the company, if gesture control is combined with a 3D TV, the result is “a true Minority Reportexperience.”

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