Hubble Images for the Blind

Posted January 10, 2014 by Johnny2x in Space


I love this story.

Being a super fan of space images and especially the amazing images we get from Hubble, I often wondered what do blind people do.

I am not sure what they did before but now scientist have developed a way to use 3D printing technology to transform images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope into tactile “pictures” for the blind.

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Current prototypes are based on the star cluster NGC 602, located in our neighboring Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy. The prototypes render the stars, filaments, gas and dust seen in the visual images as raised open circles, lines and dots, with height used to indicate brightness. Textures have been chosen to be both easy to identify and to move fingers over quickly. The prototypes have been tested with the help of about 100 visually impaired individuals at events sponsored by the Baltimore-based National Federation of the Blind (NFB), and feedback has helped to inform the development of the models by flagging up areas for improvement. For example, the group found that textures that worked well in certain materials were not necessarily so easy to distinguish in the plastic prints. –

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