There is no Planet X

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Oh sure it’s fun to get into these conspiracy theories. Especially ones that read like a Hollywood disaster movie.

Planet X is said to be a rouge planet or a yet to be discovered planet in our solar system that is on such a long path that we don’t see it for hundreds of thousands of years.

We have proof now there is no rouge planet in our solar system. Of course you will never get the believers to agree to that but the evidence is there, science wins again.

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Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer finds no evidence of phantom planet hiding in the solar system

A study of data captured by NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) satellite has disproved the existence of the hypothesized large celestial body, dubbed “Planet X.” The planet or companion star was, some believed, responsible for the periodic mass extinctions that have taken place in Earth’s past.

No object that exceeded the size of Saturn was discovered to a distance of 10,000 astronomical units (au), with one au being the equivalent of 93 million miles. WISE also detected no planet or star larger than Jupiter as far as 26,000 au. With earth being one au from the Sun and Pluto 40 au from its parent star, this data ostensibly disproves the existence of a hitherto undetected planet at the fringes of the solar system.

Whilst WISE found no evidence of Planet X, it did find an abundance of celestial bodies closer to our solar system than any previously discovered. The second study by WISE revealed 3,525 stars and brown dwarfs within 500 light-years of our Sun, the closest of which, a pair of brown dwarfs just 6.5 light-years away, represents the closest system discovered in almost a century.

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