The Big Bang No Longer a Theory

Posted March 19, 2014 by Johnny2x in Science


When a scientist develops a theory they stop at nothing to prove or disprove this theory. An important part of that statement is that a scientist can actual say “oh well I guess I was wrong” and move on to test different theories.

This theory was correct. With many years and thousands of experiments and studies the theory became fact. You can choose to not believe in facts and you have that freedom. I choose with my freedom to be amazed by this universe we are all a part of.

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Somebody’s going to win a Nobel Prize. At least that’s what the physics community is saying after the announcement on Monday that a Harvard team has found the first direct evidence of cosmic inflation right after the Big Bang. It’s more proof that the Big Bang really was the beginning of it all.

The discovery itself is a little bit tough to wrap your head around—as it should be, given that it helps to explain the beginning of existence. Astronomers specifically discovered a twist of light called primordial B-mode polarization. This refers to the swirling effect that enormous gravitational waves had on photons that escaped from the Big Bang and serves as proof that those gravitational waves actually exist. As far as understanding the origins of the universe goes, this is a very, very big deal. Some say that this finding is up there with the discovery of the Higgs boson back in 2012.

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