The Earth Was Almost Sent Back to the Dark Ages in 2012 with a Solar Flare

Posted March 20, 2014 by Johnny2x in Science


A huge, gigantic, super big, ginormous…a really really big solar flare was blasted off the sun and flew right through the space Earth would have been if it was just a few days earlier.

This flare would have knocked out our electrical grid and satellites, leaving us in global darkness without telecommunications or GPS, potentially for years.

“Phew” is an understatement. Just imagine not being able to take a survey and find out what Muppet you are.

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New research published yesterday in Nature Communications suggests that we “dodged a huge magnetic bullet” two summers ago. While a “solar superstorm” is a fortunately rare event, being hit by one could upend almost every detail of our existing electromagnetic infrastructure. The 1859 solar storm, for example, not only knocked out the telegraph networks of the day, it even gave electric shocks to the system’s human operators; and, as Science Daily reminds us, “A considerably smaller event on March 13, 1989, led to the collapse of Canada’s Hydro-Quebec power grid and a resulting loss of electricity to six million people for up to nine hours.”

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