Ready for a cell phone that does not die? Meet the Meridiist

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Tag Heuer’s Meridiist Infinite phone offers “infinite” power via a solar panel.

Well the name leaves something to be desired. “What’s that?” – “Oh it’s my new Meridiidtidtdioetnswedh Phone”

It looks awful bulky but now a days the idea of the slimmest tiniest phone is not necessarily the coolest phone. For the current price tag I think I will just stick with having to plug mine in but this is promising for the future.

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In 2008, Tag Heuer introduced its first mobile phone, the US$6,200 Meridiist. Well, as if a luxury phone made by a company usually associated with premium watches isn’t eyebrow-raising enough, the just-announced Meridiist Infinite offers a little something extra: a built-in photovoltaic panel that keeps it powered up and charging as long as there’s light.

The transparent panel is built into the phone’s display, sandwiched between its sapphire outer surface and the LCD screen itself. Made using Sunpartner Technologies’ Wysips film tech, that panel in turn consists of two layers – a semi-cylindrical lens substrate through which light is focused, and a lenticular film containing thin strips of photovoltaic cells, which receives the light.

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Source: Tag Heuer [1] [2] via Engadget

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