Is This Rodan in New Godzilla Movie Clip ?

Posted May 4, 2014 by Johnny2x in Entertainment

Godzilla Movie CLIP Let Them Fight (2014)


It this clip released a head of the release of the new Godzilla move we get our first look at what could be Rodan


n the long history of Japan’s kaiju cinema, Godzilla could be destructive — but he was frequently the lesser of two evils who was pitted against more malevolent creatures. And as the new Asian trailer for Gareth Edwards’ upcoming film makes clear, Godzilla isn’t humanity’s greatest threat. In fact, he might be our only hope against a flying kaiju who looks a lot like Rodan. [Note: The Internets and some who saw Godzilla footage at Comic-Con speculate that the flying beast is a human-enhanced Muto called Hokmuto.] Ken Watanabe plays a scientist(?) who believes mankind’s best chance is to let the two (or more?) monsters fight it out on our turf.

We also get a real clear look at Godzilla himself in all this modern CGI glory!

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