Vacation To The Moon For $150 Million

Posted June 14, 2014 by Johnny2x in Science

lunar vacation

Vacation To The Moon

Sign me up! Actually I am most likely all talk when it comes to this. It sounds like an amazing adventure but it could also be worded as “Pay us $150 and you have a pretty good chance of dying on the way to the moon!”

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The company Space Adventures hopes to bring tourists to a trip around the moon, starting as early as 2017.

The seats are expected to go for $150 million each, and they’ve already sold tickets to their first two customers. However, it has not been decided if the two customers will go together or if they will decide for one to go first.

The trips themselves will last about 17 days, with half of that being used to go to the moon. How close are travelers expected to get? Space Adventures CEO Eric Anderson claims they hope to bring the spacecraft within 100 kilometers of the lunar surface.

Before any manned trips to the moon take place, unmanned tests will be done in order to ensure that the equipment is suited for the trip. If successful, we can only hope that others will get into the commercial space travel market to help drive down the cost. At least then people would be filling our Facebook feeds with vacation pictures we actually want to see.

How low would the price have to go before you would take a lunar vacation?

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