EmDrive Engine for Space Travel is Breaking the Laws of Physics

Posted August 3, 2014 by Johnny2x in Science


We need to get off this planet, if not for the the fact that we are not  treating it well then maybe just because we can. Some really smart guy said something about not doing things because they are easy but because they are hard. Mr T maybe? I don’t remember.


EmDrive uses electricity to generate microwaves, which then bounce around in a closed space and generate thrust. The drive does not need propellant, an important part of current space-travel mechanics.

And even though this breaks the law of conservation of momentum it somehow works. Check out this story at Mashable.com

EmDrive Is an Engine That Breaks the Laws of Physics and Could Take Us to Mars

The Emdrive appears to have found a loophole. It is, in some sense, creating an unbalanced equation of momentum.

The engine’s inventor, Roger Shawyer, and his company, SPR Ltd., have been working on this for more than a decade with little fanfare. Shawyer’s science had been roundly criticized, although no one seemed to be able to prove that it didn’t work. – read more

Here is a really great video telling us just what the law of conservation of momentum means.

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