An Asteroid Will Approach Closer Than The Moon This Weekend

Posted September 6, 2014 by Johnny2x in Science

asteroid Pitbull

The best part is we only discovered it a few days ago. Good thing it is not on path top hit Earth. It is only 20 meters wide but the idea that one could sneak up on us at anytime is very unsettling.

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Asteroid 2014 RC—nicknamed Pitbull—will be making its closest approach to Earth on Sunday, September 7. This 20-meter-wide asteroid will be passing just 40,000 kilometers (25,000 miles) away, which is roughly a tenth of the average distance to the moon. Two observatories independently observed the asteroid just days ago during Labor Day weekend.

The folks at Slooh will be doing a live webcast as Pitbull makes its near approach, and you can watch it right here. The event will begin on Saturday at 10 p.m. EDT and will be joined by astronomers Bob Berman and Geoff Fox. If you’d like to join the conversation too, be sure to use #SloohPitbull on social media.

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