Aquaman Had a Big Role in ‘Man of Steel’ but You Never Saw it

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Looks like DC is on their way to building the foundation to the Justice League movie, but, will it ever gain the attention of the comsic fans as well as Marvel has done lately?

“On Friday’s Meet the Movie Press podcast, TheWrap’s film reporter Jeff Sneider says those whales, under the command of Aquaman, lift the sinking Superman to the surface — we just didn’t get to see it. Yep, Superman was saved by Aquaman’s whale friends — and we will see it in Batman v Superman.”

This story comes to use from today:

OK, so — you’ve likely already read that Aquaman got a nod in Man of Steel, when Clark saves workers from the fiery offshore rig owned by Merrevale Oil (a company that Aquaman has clashed with in the comic books). Clark goes down with the structure, is knocked unconscious and, as he is not the Man of Styrofoam, starts sinking to the depths in a blissful Messiah pose.

If that weren’t symbolic enough, a whale and her calf drift lazily overhead, and — waaaait a minute.

Today, Reilly and Jeff man the show together as one, breaking down the latest news that broke this week. And what a week! We went in depth on the DEADPOOL announcement and what that might mean for a PG-13 vs R rating and whether or not Ryan Reynolds will return! Also on the superheros list, why did Fox movie FANTASTIC FOUR to August and will we ever see an ASSASSIN’S CREED movie? Plus, an extra added HOT SCOOP about BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE! So rate, comment and subscribe to #MeetTheMoviePress! This is a good one… Enjoy!

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