Groove Metal Band Minus Two Visits the Podcast

Posted October 6, 2014 by Johnny2x in The Daily


The self proclaimed “Groove Metal” band MINUS TWO stops by to have some fun.

We talk about their band and how they formed.

We get into how many 5 yr olds they could fight as a band.

We discuss docking, spider man, and iron man. (not the super heroes)

We have an all around great time so listen, or they will come to your town and Fuck Your Face

Find out where they are playing next

Minus Two has a large range of influences from southern rock, to thrash, to funk & punk & then we put all these genres together to create our very unique and original sound. The music is very groove based and is the essence of writing style.

We are a high energetic original band that has a wide spectrum of influences that makes up what the band produces. Minus Two came to be in 2012. Guitar/Vocals: Yancy Weaver.Guitar/Backing Vocals: Gary Thomas. Bass Guitar: Lyle Reasoner. Drums: Josh Rooks.


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